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The Birth of
The world of manual treatments for your care, rehabilitation or well-being of your body is constantly evolving, thanks to the development of new tools and techniques. Ezio Mabiglia, an Italian Osteopath, has succeeded through Fibrohealth in renewing the approach to manual therapy, by providing therapists with a useful tool for the practice of myofascial treatment, ideal for resolving muscle contractures, removing scars, trigger points and in fibrolysis.
Effective mobilization
of the muscle
The anatomical shape of the instrument's curves ensures correct muscle mobilization. Thanks to this feature, Fibrohealth is able to reach and work on the deepest tissues, offering a complete and targeted treatment.
Fibrohealth is your best ally in myofascial scar massage. It reduces adhesions and ensures a better aesthetic appearance to the skin, and increasing the healing process and tissue regeneration.
The use of Fibrohealth allows you to ensure specific pressure on the trigger points through the Deep technique, improving blood circulation in the affected area, lengthening the taut band and relaxing the surrounding area.
of the tendon
Fibrohealth allows you to practice a deep myofascial massage, directly mobilizing the tendon and optimizing functional recovery. This helps reduce pain and discomfort associated with muscle contractures and strains.
Fibrohealth is a versatile and innovative tool that offers numerous advantages in the practice of myofascial massage. With its ergonomic design and advanced techniques, Fibrohealth can help you effectively treat contractures, scars and other muscle problems, promoting overall body well-being.
Custom tagged products