Effective, light and stylish: the definitive tool that supports myofascial massage professionals.

One tool,

many functions


Fibrohealth is useful in the practice of myofascial massage for the treatment of contractures.

The shape of the instrument's anatomical curves ensures proper muscle mobilization.

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1 / 5

Fibrohealth is an excellent ally in the myofascal massage of scars, as it decreases adhesions and guarantees a better aesthetic appearance.

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Trigger Point

The fascial treatment implemented using fibrohealth tools can be even more effective if through Deep you give pressure on a specific trigger point so as to improve blood circulation in the trigger area, Stretch the taut strip and relax the surrounding area

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The use of Fibrohealth allows you to practice a deep myofascial massage by directly mobilizing the tendon and optimizing functional recovery

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Fibrosis and Fibrolysis

Fibrohealth is useful in the practice of myofascial massage for the treatment of contractures.

The shape of the instrument's anatomical curves ensures proper muscle mobilization.

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5 / 5
Made in Italy
the care for details, the refinement of the materials and the excellence of the italian artisan poduction are a garantee of quality and durability
the accuracy of Fibrohealth’s myofascial massage allows you to stimulate more complex trigger points relieving pain.
the wide handle gives reliability and simplicity to the working method, ensuring the safety of the professional and a deep myofascial massage.
The exclusivity of the myofascial massage carried out with the use of Fibrohealth is guaranteed by the veratility of the instrument in performing wide and short range movements
The aluminum structure allows you to practice effective pressures that act at the desired point.

Sistematically precise and efficient

Fibrohealth is the made in italy tool created for fascial treatment experts. It precisely works many trigger points and is extremely effective for the treatment of fasciitis, tendonitis and scars. A single versatile tool for the localized treatment of all parts of the body.

Upper limbs
Pathologies from repeated strain of the upper limb are often caused by incorrect movements and an unsuitable posture maintained for a long time. The osteopath, with the use of fibrohealth, is able to easily operate the muscle in depth.
Lower Limbs
Muscle injuries in the locomotor system are frequent in people who practice competitive or occasional sports. Fibrohealth reduces pain and inflammation from the first sessions, favoring the reparative processes of tissues.
Lumbar area
The professional, with the help of fibrohealth, stimulates blood circulation and oxygenates the sore area. myofascial back massage allows, therefore, the release of trigger points, often the cause of low back pain.
Cervical area
A dysfunction of movement of the cervical vertebrae can cause an abnormal sliding in the nerve roots, projecting pain in other parts of the body. With postural myofascial massage, the tool allows you to stimulate the muscles with precise and gentle movements.

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Ezio Mabiglia

“"I listen to the body of my patients, I evaluate their posture and the language that it hides and eliminate the dysfunctions of the body, both biomechanical and visceral.”

Osteopath and posturologist, Ezio Mabiglia deals with understanding the nature of dysfunctions and choosing the right treatment to restore the balance of the person.

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They say about us

"I’m very comfortable with Fibrohealth tools. I can work with ease both the upper and the deeper band, managing to give greater effectiveness to fascial and myofascial treatments, trigger points and dissolving scars. recommended!"

Luca Lombardi 

Fisioterapista FisioTerm - Roma

"Since I use Fibrohealth tools my work has significantly improved. The unique design and easy handling of these devices allow the physiotherapist to perform different fascial treatments ranging from fibrolysis, superficial or deep connective massage, the treatment of trigger points or the scratching of bone surfaces, all using a single tool. The alloy of aluminum, silicon, magnesium and manganese of which they are composed make them very light and easy to handle, easy to transport and therefore also useful for home therapies. The two tools named DEEP and DETAIL allow you to perfectly use them on each anatomical region, choosing the type of treatment you want and thus having, with only two small tools, a very large therapeutic range available to the physiotherapist."

Simone Martin 

Fisioterapista - Roma

"One of the best fibrolysis tools I’ve ever tried, very practical and handy, great grip even when used with cream. Its distinctive design, compared to the classic hook fibrolysers, significantly improves patient compliance. The material it is made returns to hands excellent feedback regarding the work that takes place on the tissues."

Riccardo Castellini 

Fisioterapista - Milano